Pietro Berlanda


After graduating with honours in flute at the Conservatorio F. A. Bonporti in Trento, he attended a two-year specialization course in 20th century flute music under the direction of Maestro Emilio Galante.

He qualified as a music teacher at the Conservatorio Monteverdi in Bolzano under the tuition of Maestro Claudio Marinone and is now attending a baroque transverse flute postgraduate course with Maestro Marcello Gatti at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

He studied under the supervision of Maestros Rien de Reede, Thies Roorda and Francesco Dainese, and has attended numerous masterclasses with Maestros Andrea Oliva, Michele Marasco, Gary Schocker, Robert Winn and Nicole Mitchell. He is attending jazz classes by Maestros Robert Bonisolo and Roberto Cipelli and composition classes by Maestro Cosimo Colazzo at the Conservatorio di Trento.

His classical background is a solid foundation for his work and his passion for music in all its different forms and expressions leads him into being an eclectic, curious and versatile flautist.

His music related experience ranges from collaborations with orchestras - chamber orchestra "Ensamble Zandonai" directed by Maestro Giancarlo Guarino, Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra Bohème in Trento – to taking part in different music projects such as theater performances, traditional, experimental, jazz and light music ensembles.

He is also active in the field of teaching and works at the Area Musicale Vivaldi in the Province of Bolzano and the school Istituto Compensivo Laives 1.

Pietro Berlanda